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  • "Al-Baqir is reported to have told one of his followers that if in this world people need a guide to travel even a few miles to a strange place, then what of the path to heaven of which they are far more ignorant?" - Arzina Lalani, Early Shi’i Thought p. 75

    Sikh. Minority. Asiatic Aryan. Love the bay area & wouldn't change a thing about it.

    Antiquity. Love epistemology, epistemology of pharmacology, trying to cultivate an empirisme érudit. Taleb's epistemology and Curt's epistemology. Stoicism, want to know more about Byzantium, John Gray too.

    Experience in Node/Mongo/R/scipy(prefer R) for statistics operationalized to say Kruschke's book/but have Gelmans/Others, but i'm smart enough to learn w/e it takes. My loyalty is eternal. Since i'm interested in learning probability theory I have an interest in machine learning, which is essentially epistemology of inference, writ large. I do not have formal experience with it, but I will acquire it.

    I'm interested in Popper's negativism & preference for asymmetry, Charlie Mungers "Inverse problem" as insight into the situation and all other related applied esoteric affairs.

    Formerly worked as technical co-founder of Squiffy Clean, did data engineering/back end/ integrated w/ contractor's front end mongo, node, +R+Scipy(prefer the former).

    Best way to learn about me is to see my bookshelves and my amazon purchase history.