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  • I like:

    - Creating digital products: my main tools are my computer science knowledge and Sketch

    - Hacking these products or the underlying hardware of it

    - People

    - Education

    - Music: I compulsively think musical melodies since I was a kid, never did anything with it but I am much more musically aware than the general lay person

    - Drawing

    - Dancing

    - Math: I really need to sit down for it though

    - Biology: mostly for physical health reasons but also in general to some extent

    - Behavioral drug-like experiences. The ones I found so far are: meditation (on rare occassions -- don't seek for it), falling in love (don't seek for it) or doing the Wim Hof Method (this one can be done consciously / sought for).

    - Many things! And I am doing my best for it to stay that way

    My email is mettamage at protonmail dot com