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    Architect at $BIG_TEXAS_SOFTWARE_CO. Based in Berlin.

    Formerly CEO & founder of two startups (security hardware & data leak prevention). Experience gained: Leadership, business admin, data privacy, hardware production bootstrapping.

    I do public speaking / live hacking at mostly political or strategic government events. I've organized a larger industry security conference.

    I spend about 60% managing other devs or coordinating cross-department. I work in a global product function (GPF) team which affords me a birds-eye view of what all of our 1k+ devs are doing and need. We directly implement the CTO vision and execute business development with external partners like AWS, MS, and GCP (+Fed).

    Expert at Docker, nginx/openresty, LuaJIT, Postgres. Pro at k8s, TypeScript/node, C# (cross-platform, mainly Unix) and Beginner at Rust.

    Main focus is high throughput, low-latency network applications, including custom HTTP/Socket/DNS servers (from the syscall up), realtime distributed rule engines, highly optimized parsing and pattern matching, domain-specific languages, protocol design, implementing optimized search engines, and last but not least security measures and testing. Most of these go hand in hand in projects I do architecture or actual dev work on.

    Feel free to email me about anything: or drop me a message on keybase.