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  • British-Austrian hacker/founder, vaguely Vienna-based.

    While looking for the next big thing, I do contract/consulting work; I prefer lower-level stuff, such as device drivers/kernel hacking, real-time graphics and game tech. I also do the occasional iOS app development and like solving tricky problems in web development (crazy real-time cross-site AJAX: yes; CMS-based website: no).

    You're welcome to email me about anything, and I promise to reply if you stick to one topic or question and it isn't too open ended. Specifically:

    I get a lot of email with technical questions that would require me to download and read the documentation for libraries X, Y and Z to answer - please don't do that; instead, put the code that doesn't work (or pseudo-code that you'd like to turn into real code) in the email, and quote the prototypes for any used APIs, ideally deep-linking to their documentation just in case I do need to look at it.

    Obviously, if you're planning to pay me for my help and advice as a consultant you may ignore the above. :-)


    email: phil+hn at philjordan dot eu

    twitter: pmjordan