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  • got a product im stuck on the proof of concept of, because im moving programming skillset substantially at the same time. my pop is presently pop's. in the coming seasons you'll find me guiding in paddlesports. hr people are right not to be hiring me, despite my qualifications and (gently coerced,) willingness to work for most anyone, otherwise. the hr people are probably right in the very long term to ignore me, unless, that is, they intend to hire a new ceo.

    so im workin' on somethin' my potential revenue model is based on eventually providing operations consulting in a space where an open source <> is maintained so that developers can <> in an a reboot of an old <>. for an existing service <>, granted. thats why ill eventually be maintaining the <> of a reboot. which actually adds to my confidence level in pursuing this. the existing product is one which is already, in the way that abstract online products have at least plant-like emotions, thriving, but, cautiously, seeking new management.

    soo ... .. currently, looking for short term gigs across the LAMP stack in order to buy more SSDs, etc...

    i<3gentoo. busy w/ unpublished promo/product/program design and blogging. and, working on my first meaningful piece of platform compliant C code after roughly 20 years of being an lfs/noc guy sysop and 10 of applications scripting. wish me luck.